episode 70 agriculture show jan 14 2014 by jeff stager, chase phillips

Chase Phillips is in our studio today. We talk about bio-tech. Chase also brought along some great tunes to play.

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The Top Songs of 2013

Here are the top songs released in 2013 according to SoundFM, Mano A Mano and the Mano Amigos.

11. Pick a Piper - All Her Colours
10. A Perfect Circle - By and Down
9. MGMT - Your Life is a Lie
8. The Wet Secrets - Sunshine
7. Haim - The Wire
6. The Strokes - Tap Out
5. Fur Trade - Kids These Days
4. Walk off the Earth - Red Hands
3. Daft Punk - Contact
2. Frightened Rabbit - The Oil Slick
1. The Mounties - Headphone

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episode 69 agriculture show dec 31 2013 by jeff stager, celie diebold, victoria kyle

Celie Diebold and Victoria Kyle are in the house today. Our guests talk about the work of the as they promote the efforts of the various plowing match associations in the province. Watch here for news of the 2014 match Victoria brought along some great tunes to play.

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slow hand

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The MAM Fire Battle

Mano A Mano had a Canadian Firefighter "DJ Party boy" in the station to battle out fire songs in a three way battle.

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DJ Adrock puts his mouth in A Perfect Circles Shoes

DJ AdRock was able to meet up with members of A Perfect Circle and put his mouth in their shoes to get to the bottom of the true emotion and feeling behind their new song.

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Other Local Stations are giving you the wrong info about the Mounties

The is why SoundFM and Mano A Mano are THE place to give you your Music info! We work hard to keep the Mano Amigo's informed!

The Mounties - If this dance catches on

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episode 68 The Agriculture Show dec 17 2013 by jeff stager. alexander chmura, richard chmura

Alexander Chmura and Richard Chmura are in today. Alexander wrote a blog on the Foodlink site about his experiences on a local CSA. He speaks of the non-monetary benefits of hands on production agriculture.
Here is a short video of the show.
We played some Christmas tunes and others.

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episode 67 The Agriculture Show dec 17 2013 by jeff stager, goretty dias, sarah brown

Todays guests were Goretty Dias and Sarah Brown. recently presented a report about GHG (green house gas) emissions and part of the report talked about agriculture.
Goretty brought some great tunes.

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The Talking song Battle by MAM radio

Last week we has guest superstar Rcehoppe (of the Weekly Trending Fandom show) on the Mano A Mano show. Wow does he know his stuff and talk A LOT! So one of our Mano Amigo's suggested the theme "Songs with Talking" Check it out! Top songs with Talking!

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episode 66 the agriculture show dec 10 2013 by jeff stager, ryan gariepy, robin albrecht

Ryan Gariepy and Robin Albrecht from Clearpath Robotics are in studio today. are working hard at bringing automation to the world's dullest, dirtiest, and deadliest jobs. One of their product development initiatives is to bring automation to agriculture. We play an interesting mix of "robot" themed songs.

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Kitchener Community Art Project MAM battle

At the Night\Shift Festival last month not only did Mano A Mano air the final episode of "The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff" the audio comic. They also had a community Art project going. Above is one of two canvas' that were drawn upon with oil pastels by the thousands of people who visited the Mano A Mano tent.

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DJ AdRock puts his mouth in Our Lady Peace's Shoes

DJ AdRock was able to catch up with Raine Maida of Our Lady peace talk to him about his first album with Our Lady Peace and put his mouth in his shoes. The result is this wonderful exploration of the song Naveed.

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The Mano A Mano show has DOG problems....

"Not TO professional BOYS" is what we were told....find out our dog problems here in this podcast.

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Tom Green and Tom Green Beer!

Tom Green who is often on the Mano A Mano Hip-Hop primer just released an amazing new Milk Stout beer that is very difficult to find this holiday season!

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The MAM Moustache Battle

It is Movember. Has there ever been a better time to have a moustache battle? I think not! Check out their timely themed song selections by the Mano A Mano DJ's.

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Feature Band: The Wet Secrets new album FREE CANDY!

The Wet Secrets are back with a new album called FREE Candy. We are rocking out the first single from that album here on the Mano A Mano show along with an old classic....

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The Mustangs

Mano A Mano is supporting the Mustang Basketball team this year and is looking for more support to turn this program around! Check out the podcast and the band "Band of Horses"!

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UW Drama's Re-Imagined R3 - An Interview with R3's Director Dr. Jennifer Roberts-Smith

The R3 Synopsis

At the end of The Wars of the Roses – a brutal battle for control of the English throne – the cunning, scheming Richard, Duke of Gloucester, steps to the front of the stage and confides in us.  From his opening “winter of our discontent…” to his final “kingdom for a horse,” Richard draws in his audience and conspires to tell William Shakespeare’s thrilling life of King Richard III, starring one of his most vivid villains: the hunch-backed Duke determined to capture the throne at any cost.

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Night Shift Events (Battle #2) by Mano A Mano

In this episode we focus on the "See and Do" page and rock out some tracks to do with various events happening at Night\Shift.

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Night\Shift Mano A Mano Battle

Here is our first installation of our 2 part Night\Shift Battle that our Audio Comic is going to be a part of.

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The One Song Battle by Mano A Mano

The time is not shorter than a regular battle however DJ Jeff E Jeff and DJ Steel Battle out a wicked song each to gain your vote! For more info on Mano A Mano or to vote go to:

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DJJEJ will be at DIY Day at the Chainsaw in Waterloo

This Saturday Oct 26th from 12 - 5pm Chainsaw in Waterloo will have many different vendor tables set up that people can check out!
The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff and Mano A Mano will be there representing the comic and SoundFM.

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DJ Adrock puts his mouth in Death From Above 1979's shoes.

DJ AdRock was able to meet up with Death From Above 1979 a while back when they played in Kitchener. He was able to go back stage and put his mouth in there shoes and the result is what you can hear right here on Mano A Mano!

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DJ AdRock puts his mouth in Stone Temple Pilots shoes

DJ Adrock met up with Scott Weiland of the Stone Temple Pilots and was able to put his mouth in his shoes.

Check out their brand new track here!

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episode 65 agriculture show oct 15 2013 by jeff stager, russ hurst

Russ Hurst from is in studio today. He brings news of this tri-yearly program where farm operators can dispose of expired herbicides and animal health products. We also listen to a bunch of tunes by Johnny Cash.

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Episode 6 Part B: The Final Intervention

The Video for this final installment of The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff will be released November 2nd at the Kitchener arts festival Night/Shift.

for more info and to download the FREE Book visit:

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The Mano A Mano Season 6 Finale and simultaneously the Season 7 start!

Mano A Mano is doing in this podcast the FIRST EVER simultaneous season finale and season opening show all in one! This was so remarkable that it became its own theme!

Contact us:

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Seana McKenna speaks about her role as Madame Arcati in Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit

Above photo taken by David Hou for The Stratford Festival.

Here is the second part of my chat with actor Seana McKenna as she chats about her role as Madame Arcati in Blithe Spirit directed by Brian Bedford. Cast also includes Sara Topham as Ruth, Ben Carlson, as Charles, and Michelle Giroux as Elvira.

18:26 minutes (15.83 MB)

DJ AdRock puts his mouth in Crystal Castle's and Robert Smith's Shoes!

DJ AdRock was lucky enough to meet up with Crystal Castles and Robert Smith and put his mouth in their shoes! Check out this special presentation!

8:45 minutes (8.01 MB)
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