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Ferry Take Me


Really glad Ferry's team ok'ed me to play this track :)

Whats coming up on NVS ltb March 16th


Wow St. Patty's day is just around the corner.. where tongues turn Green and the Luck of the Irish travels beyond the green Isle. In this pre patty's day celebration edition of NVS on SoundFM Will will be playing an assortment of artists to tantilize your musical tastebuds some of these artists may appear: Dennis Sheperd, Audien, Aly&Fila, Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic, Leon Boiler, Dan Stone, Talla 2XLC, Nicole Scherzinger, Wolfgang Gartner, W&W, Airwave, Cat Martin, Mark Otten, Activa, Steven Davidson, Jorn Van Deynhoven, Scott Brian, and maybe a track or two from riot recordings, plus some others that may pop up in there...

I'll be talkin a bit about St. patrick and or saints for the mystic minute

and for the future foray - Nuetrino Messaging Service..??

Friday 2-4pm Check out NVS

Haha my old NVS page from 2005... :)


Funny I ran into this again today through a really strange weblink.

Its even stranger that I found it, because I was looking for the logo credits i needed to put up with my show logo..


Was the source of my original logo, which they granted rights to use their photo as part of my show logo. I've modified it for my label photo but it is still the nvs microflight logo that is still my logo for neovibesolarium.

Really funny to think so much time has passed.

Friday's Edition of NVS

This week on NVS - various world EMUSIC artists, potential play from Daniel Kandi, Cerf et Co. ?Tom Cloud?, Chris Parker, Nyusha, Olly Murs, Lange, Gaia, and others... what will be this weeks 20 tracks?

FUTURE FORAY Self Healing Materials --- not just for the skin.. but now material that can heal organs.

MYSTIC MINUTE - "The little people"

Shallow thoughts.. maybe there will be time, ...

Neo Vibe Solarium ~2-4pm on 100.3 Sound FM with your host Will A.

Solar Storm expected Today

Just a heads up if electronics are acting weird for you today.

There is a solar storm forcast.


Power Outage effecting service

There is a power outage at our station and broadcast facility, so our service is disrupted. While there is a winter storm warning in effect. The cause of the power outage appears to be a technical failure with HydroOne systems.

Our service will resume when the power is restored.
Come back to this website or other regional information sources for updates on the power outage situation as more information is released.

NVS Playlist for February 24th

1. Ham- Anything For You
2. Secret Of Love - Lucky Strike
3. Dash Berlin feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn - Better Half Of Me (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
4. Delacroix pres. Marell - Heart Of Mine (Yves De Lacroix & Marell's Original Mix)
5. DJ Antoine feat. The Beat Shakers - Ma Cherie (DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark 2k12 Mix)
6. Dreamcatcher Feat Jesso - I Don't Wanna Lose My Way (Ralphie B vs Suncrusaders Remix)
7. Ehren Stowers - Unity (Original Mix
8. Tomas Heredia - Moonlight (Original Mix)
9. DNS Project-Exclusive (Bigroom Mix)

This weeks NVS`Future Foray will be on Unmanned Vehicles

I`m up brain storming thoughts for this weeks NVS, and I`ve come up with two this morning. This week I will be sticking to the safety of unmanned vehicles. While next week if it is prepared I`d like to deal with driverless sound technology - sound made out of thin air, literally. So far it looks like February will be a good month for the future foray. The idea of nanometre wave oscillations has massive future ramifications. While the 3 GHz to 300 GHz range is seen as the new normal operating bands -- beyond 300 GHz to 100Thz is a new blackhole for research.

Another week another 2 hours

So the track list will be up soon.

The one thing I came back tomention however was
to do a big up on the Canadian Dwarf Tossing Contest. This from fox news..


oh and say hi to my fans I know you are out there.. and so does NASA



Correction on Wonderful Feelings

On the show the compilation that Wonderful Feelings was appearing on was stated as Eurphoric Feel, however the actual publication is Inner State EP, not Euphoric Feel. The artist is Euphoric Feel and the release is Inner State EP.

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